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A Bittersweet Ending to an Event That Should Long Continue

This year’s street party was bittersweet one for me.  Among other things, it was my last year to plan this on-going neighborhood tradition.  For the most part, the reviews received have been positive and I hope those in attendance had a lot of fun.  We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and the party’s main area with tables draped with tablecloths and flower centerpieces looked like a cozy outside café in the middle of Brookhaven.  I am so grateful to have been a part of the planning for the last few years and look forward to what exciting ideas someone with a fresh perspective will bring to it.  

There are many elements I hope will continue in this 35-year tradition.  The Little Ones’ Area is such a joy to watch no matter how old your own children may be.  Watching our youngest residence experience this occasion for the first time, and entertained with crafts and games by the very teens once the little ones themselves, is reason enough why this tradition should continue.  My kids are now eight.  This was their fourth street party.  Now, when I look at the little toddlers enjoying themselves, the memories of my kids doing the same thing at this event are special ones to me.  I know this memory is shared by many others, as long-time Brookhaven residents talk about the street party from years’ past it is through the kids experiences that they most often share their stories.  With that said, I also like seeing the community tables that inform me of all the other happenings in our community.  It is the community groups that will continue to separate our neighborhood from others in Atlanta.  Folks working on The Neighborhood Association, The Preservation Society, Little Nancy Creek Park, Mom’s Club, the Tour of Homes to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, and others, remind me there are so many elements of our neighborhood working to ensure Historic Brookhaven continues to thrive, and help to enhance our community in and outside of our immediate borders.

I understand one day my kids will outgrow this event as they begin to think they are way too cool to be seen with mom and dad.  For a few years I will probably make them go, as my parents dragged me to things when I didn’t want to go.  Then, one year I will let them move on and Art and I will start attending the street party on our own.  We will sit more, and watch the other younger neighbors with their kids.  We will talk with others we have now known for many years going through the same thing, and we will all share memories of our kids and past street parties, both the good and the bad.  And I will remember what it was like when I was the chair. 

And finally, a special thank you to all of the neighborhood volunteers who helped at this year's party and all the others I've had the privilege of being associated with!

Lisa Martinez


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