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HBNA/Comm. Street Party General Meeting Archives

Each year in September, HBNA hosts a street party for the neighborhood.

While last year's party almost didn’t happen at all due to torrential downpours, we decided to postpone the party by a week and ended up with perfect weather as a backdrop for this event. We had a great turnout, and like all parties we remember, there was a little something for everyone!

Since we had to reschedule to a weekend with the Georgia/LSU game, Que-N-View provided us with more TV’s so the fans wouldn’t miss it.  Barbeque, keg beer, and football…the look on the guys’ faces were priceless.

The older kids had a great time on the Slide and the Dunk Tank. And Rikki, the dance instructor entertained them until the very end, and played some great music for everyone.

Once again, The Brookhaven Mom’s Group did an amazing job with the Kids’ Zone. Susan Kelly and Diane Jarrell really gave the kids a great time, and it was precious to see the older kids in the neighborhood help with the younger ones. It definitely speaks volumes to the neighborhood, and the people that live in this community.

It was also great to have a News Area to keep everyone informed on the neighborhood. The Friends of Little Nancy Creek Park was there to share the information regarding current status of the park, as well as Brookhaven Friends, which benefits the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. These two groups are vital to the neighborhood as they teach the importance of “Giving Back.” So please let me know if you would like more information about them, and we’ll get you the contact person.

We still have some changes to make. Although next year marks the 34th Annual Street Party, it will be the 100th Year of Historic Brookhaven, and that is something that definitely needs to be celebrated. Many of the residents have lived here for many years, and although they may no longer have kids to bring to an event such as this, they are still very much a part of this community and I would love some ideas on how to make next year’s event particularly special to them.

Be on the lookout for additional information about 2010's Street Party starting in July.


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